The first thing that Angelo noticed when he strolled into the Nocturne was that Weasel was nowhere to be found. He had to be far enough for Angelo not to feel him through the blood bond.

Angelo wondered where Weasel could be. He'd told Weasel he'd meet him back at the Nocturne as soon as he was done with Ardoin's little errand. Maybe he got tired of waiting and just took off. And Angelo had actually made an effort to come straight back instead of the messing around he usually did. Such as life.

Well he certainly wasn't stick around here any longer than he had to. Angelo would report back to Ardoin, give him the report and then take off. He'd been looking forward to being with Weasel tonight, now he didn't give a fuck what he did, he just didn't want to be alone.

Not tonight.

If Angelo had his way, he'd have just phased out, passed through the ceiling and rematerialized in the hallway in front of Ardoin's room. But because he'd juiced up already - using the irritant he'd been ordered to get rid of, in fact -- Angelo was stuck using the secret entrance; stomping so hard on the floor the room shook, going through the swiveling wall, up the staircase, through the door and down the corridor to Ardoin's room.

But just as Angelo was about to knock on the door, Ardoin opened it. (Step inside, cher.)

Inside? His bedroom? (I'm not in the mood, Ardoin.)

Ardoin's hand held Angelo's chin. (No?) He tilted Angelo's chin upward and kissed Angelo full on the mouth.

Angelo angrily tried to jerk his head from the Broodmaster's grip, but to no avail. (What part of "I'm not in the mood" did you not understand?)

Ardoin squeezed, nearly choking Angelo. "Listen good, ma cheri," Ardoin hissed. "Either you drop the surliness, or I'll take you right here. And next time, I won't send my nephew away." He released Angelo, grey eyes gleaming.

That got Angelo's attention. (You sent him away? Where?)

(Anywhere. I told him you'd take longer than expected and he might as well go out for the night. So he did.) Ardoin laughed. (Cursing the whole time, but the important thing is he's gone so unless you want him to catch us whenever he gets back,) he opened the door wide, (I suggest you follow me.) He smiled coldly, knowing he had Angelo right where he wanted him and with a shrug of his shoulders, Angelo walked in and slammed the door behind him.

That had been the one thing Angelo had insisted on. He'd been in and out of Ardoin's bed since Sylvie Sired him, Ardoin wasn't about to stop it just because of Weasel and neither was Angelo. But Angelo didn't want Weasel to know about it either because then he'd have to explain the whole situation. How Angelo had his soul bound by Ardoin the night after Sylvie Sired him. Angelo knew that Weasel wouldn't understand that Angelo had chosen to serve Ardoin rather than become his slave. And that sex was both reward and punishment for that servitude.

The way Angelo saw it, serving Ardoin was damn better than being the slave he could have become. As the Broodmaster's right-hand boy, he had more free reign than anyone else. As long as he carried out Ardoin's orders, it didn't matter how he did it. Ardoin used him so his own hands didn't get dirty, and it played into Angelo's more... base nature. As long as he cleaned up after himself and didn't draw attention to the Underground, Angelo could do as he wished.

But it came at a price. And Angelo was about to pay it right now.

Ardoin sat down on the bed and then patted the spot beside him. (Have a seat, cher.)

Angelo wasn't going anywhere so he figured he might as well. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the sex with Ardoin. There were less pleasurable ways that Angelo could serve him. It was the lack of choice Angelo had in the matter.

And it had been that way for the past four decades. Ardoin had Angelo whenever Ardoin felt like it; often just because Ardoin felt like it. Whether Angelo felt like it. Or not.

At least the sex was good.

It was damned good.

Fuck it; there were worse ways of spending an evening. Since it'd come off eventually, Angelo pulled his tank top over his head and threw it on the floor. His one concession. Then he flopped down on the bed on his back. (Aren't you gonna ask for a run down about my night?)

Ardoin sighed and lay down next to Angelo. (Alright,) he indulged. (Tell me.)

Angelo grinned. (Well, I offed the one you told me about.)

(Yes you did. I can smell it.) Ardoin leaned over and licked Angelo's lips. (And I can taste it.) Ardoin's tongue teasingly traced the line where Angelo's top and bottom lip met but didn't go any further and turned onto his back. Angelo wasn't surprised. Ardoin was an even bigger tease than even he was, and would not make his move until Angelo was off his guard.

Angelo took a good look at the man who'd tortured and tantalized him for so long. Ardoin was a beautiful young man. Hair as dark as Angelo's with coloring only a little paler. And those eyes. Clear, grey pools of frost. Angelo's eyes looked up and down Ardoin's body, up from the strapping chest and arms down to the long muscular legs, and the slight bulge that was growing between them. Angelo was well aware that right now it was the headgame that was getting Ardoin off more than anything else. But eventually that would change.

It always did. That was the only power Angelo had and it was the only thing that gave him any comfort: the knowledge that even with all the manipulation and machinations, Ardoin's lust for him was real, had been real from the first time they'd met. But it was a small comfort because despite his hatred, Angelo's lust for Ardoin was just as real.

For all those years, Ardoin called the shots and Angelo had told himself that if he didn't initiate anything then he was just reacting. A hard cock had no conscience. But tonight, Angelo realized that by responding to Ardoin's touch; moaning with every caress and crying out with every orgasm, he was only proving what he'd tried to deny.

He might not go looking for sex with Ardoin. But when he got it, Angelo enjoyed it. Just like he knew he would tonight.

But Angelo wondered what would happen if he and Ardoin didn't go through the usual dance beforehand. How would Ardoin react if Angelo initiated things for a change? The thought brought an evil grin to his lips.

It was a challenge and Angelo could never resist a challenge.

Angelo moved closer to Ardoin and turned onto his side to face him. (What would you have done if I hadn't come up here?)

Ardoin laughed. (But I knew you would. That's why I sent Jacques away. So you'd have no excuses or distractions, and no motivation to leave.)

Angelo winced at the use of Weasel's Truename. It was a reminder of who his beloved truly was. Ardoin was calling attention to this to rub Angelo's nose in it, but Angelo refused to let Ardoin bait him. Instead, he baited Ardoin. (Are you saying that you have to compete with your nephew for my attention?)

Ardoin's eyes glittered. (You're treading on very dangerous ground, Lambrakis.)

Angelo was never one to let implied threats scare him. They only made him more determined. (Then I'm right? You lied to my lover to get him out of the picture for the night?)

(Not at all,) Ardoin replied smoothly, (I told him the truth, cher. I told him you'd be occupied longer than expected. I never said in which capacity.) Then he smiled nastily. (If you'd like I can always tell Jacques that you can't be with him because you're too busy Sharing pleasure with me. You're about one second away from having that happen.)

That was the last thing Angelo needed. (Do whatever the fuck you want,) he muttered, not wanting to admit he'd been outmaneuvered yet again by Ardoin.

(Don't test me, Angelo. You'll regret it.)

Angelo already did. It was time for a different approach since this one was not working. He gave Ardoin a lazy smile. (Do you know why I let you fuck me?)

(Because if you didn't, I'd just take you.)

(You do anyway,) Angelo said without rancor. (But that's not why.)

(I suppose you're going to tell me whether I want to know or not, oui?)

(Alright then. Tell me why,) Ardoin replied, exasperated.

(Because you get me off.)

Ardoin stared at him. (You have the most eloquent way of putting things, Angelo,) he remarked with contempt.

(You want me to put it another way? You've got wicked hands. Between that and your mouth, you make me come in no time fl-)


(Okay. I guess I'll just have to show you.) Angelo lay on top of Ardoin and kissed him, slowly rubbing himself against him. He nibbled at Ardoin's bottom lip and when his mouth opened, Angelo's tongue snaked inside.

At first, Ardoin responded by kissing him with an intensity that shocked and thrilled Angelo. Then he broke the kiss and seized Angelo by his shoulders. (You never learn, do you?) He tossed Angelo off the bed with enough force for him to land in a heap across the other side of the room.

It was meant to bruise Angelo's ego more than anything else. Angelo was all too aware of the fact that if Ardoin had wanted to, he could've easily hurt Angelo much worse. But it didn't matter. Angelo was done with this bullshit. After falling a few times, Angelo managed to stand up on slightly unsteady legs. (Gamisou! I'm gone.)

Angelo slowly made his way towards the door and was almost there when Ardoin taunted, (Giving up so easily, my beauty?)

Angelo whirled around to face Ardoin who was now sitting on the bed.


(Damned fucking straight, I'm "giving up,") he retorted. (I have better things to do than to play fucked up headgames with you, Master,) Angelo snapped, the last word dripping sarcasm.

Ardoin smirked. (Like what?)
(Do you?)

The words came out of Angelo's mouth before he could stop them. (Like getting the fuck out of the Nocturne, finding Weasel and coming clean about everything.)

Ardoin's smirk faded. (You must be joking.)

Angelo was never more serious about anything in his life. He was done. Done with this sadomasochistic "relationship" with Ardoin, done with hiding it from Weasel, done period. (Fuck no, Ardoin, I'm gonna tell him everything and then you'll have NOTHING to hold over me anymore!)

(And you won't have Weasel either,) Ardoin said. (Think boy, as soon as my nephew finds out he will drop you like a hot potato. It'll show just what a slut you really are.)

Angelo realized that Ardoin didn't want Weasel to know for his own reasons and that he'd just gained a new set of cards to hold. He smiled maliciously. (He won't have the chance to leave me, sweet Ardoin. I will leave him first. Then I will leave you forever. There is only one way to be free of you and this time I WILL succeed.

After that, you better watch your Baptiste ass because what do you think your dear nephew is gonna do once he finds out you trapped me into being your slave?)

Ardoin laughed. (You're implying that I'm scared of that whelp?)

(I've trained him, Ardoin. Prepared him for his Challenge with you. And he's learned from you. He's definitely a Baptiste, no doubt about it. He won't do shit now but he'll bide his time, waiting for the right time to strike. Do you have any idea how powerful he is?)

Ardoin suddenly Shadowdanced, seizing Angelo and pinning him against the door by his shoulders. (If you kill yourself I will kill Weasel.)

Angelo had known that Ardoin would play that card but the thought still brought a sinking feeling to him. But then he realized something. Ardoin cared more about Angelo offing himself than the revelation that he'd been bedding Angelo all this time.

Angelo didn't understand. Surely having every juicer know that Ardoin compromised himself enough to sleep with a tramp like Angelo would make everyone lose respect for the Broodmaster. How could that compare with Angelo finally giving Ardoin what he really wanted: the biggest victory of forcing Angelo to submit to Truedeath.

Ardoin must have seen Angelo's confusion because he laughed, his lips brushing against Angelo's cheek. (Cher, do you know why I've stopped you every time you've tried to destroy yourself?)

(Because you want to do it?)

"No," Ardoin whispered," it's because I will never let you get free of me, boy." He roughly crushed his lips against Angelo's and despite Angelo's anger, he responded to Ardoin's kiss, knowing Ardoin had won again, knowing Ardoin was conquering him as the Broodmaster scooped Angelo into his arms and set him on the bed.

Angelo was submitting to Ardoin's hands that were unbuttoning Angelo's jeans and practically ripping them off. He gave into the delicious waves of pleasure set off by Ardoin's mouth and teeth making their claim on Angelo's body. Showing Angelo that he would never be free and that he really didn't want to be.

There was no teasing now and Angelo surrendered to lust as Ardoin quickly drove him insane with desire. It was better that way. Angelo could be pissed off later, right now he just wanted to enjoy the overwhelming sensations sweeping through his body. Ardoin knew how to make every nerve in Angelo's body sing, his touch kindled fires that quickly set Angelo's skin ablaze until he was hypersensitive to even the slightest of touches.

Sex with Ardoin was always rough and always violent, there was no tenderness because there was no love, only animal lust. But Angelo didn't want anything gentle from Ardoin. He wanted it hard, brutal and savage.

Angelo was just as ferocious, his nails slicing into Ardoin's skin, his teeth biting and tasting, and his mouth and tongue working its magic to inflame Ardoin's own desire. This was the only time Angelo ever felt he had any power, when he had Ardoin moaning and sighing under his lips, until the Broodmaster was so aroused that he seized Angelo and took him forcefully. Yes, Angelo was being taken, he was being had by Ardoin but it was Angelo who had brought Ardoin to that state.

Everything was Shared. Passion. Blood, which was how Ardoin had trapped him in the first place. Everything but control. Ardoin would always have it.

Ardoin pulled out of Angelo and smiled. (You will never be free of me,) he repeated.

And Ardoin would never be free of Angelo. Which, in a fucked up way, suited them both.

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