Cast of Black Widower


There are many characters in the Black Widower universe. If the character is used in more than first story they made their appearance in, then they become members of the cast. Cam and Balint are becoming members of the cast but until I have fan art for them, they're not on this page. Radu, on the other hand, was only meant to be in the one story and look what happened with him. Ardoin and Angelique are definitely part of the cast but I have no fan art for either of them so I don't have them on this page.

Each cast member has a piccie. Click on the piccie for more info.

Now, here, without further ado, is the cast of Black Widower.



     Weasel                    Angelo                  Radu                  Dimitri          Amorette                Sylvie



Those are the only pictures I have for now. When I get more pictures, they'll be added to the cast. I will also update the info on the piccies as I get to them.






Updated 04/30/05