The Bet by Fayth

(One night.)


(One night. I bet you couldn't go an entire night without pawing and treating Norms like they're out of some damn buffet! You can't keep your hands off… anything!)

Dark eyes glittered. (That's insulting. Why can't you come to accept that that is exactly what they all are honey child, vache. Sustenance. Blood. Their blood is ours for the taking. Besides, you want to 'paw' them just as badly as I do. Among other things.)

(The challenge stands Angelo. Prove to me you don't have to feel up every more-than pretty-boy that walks by. Go without for one night.)

(Without what? Vlaka! In case you forgot, we need to feed every night. It's simply a means to an end, and I happen to like my kills sweet. A buffet has variety, including that sugar-spice you love so much. Aren't we being just a little bit hypocritical?)

(We just fed. Should be enough juice to last one night. Anymore excuses?)

Angelo blinked. (You dare to pick a fight with me? Not a smart move, pigeon.)

(Not a fight. A bet. I bet you can't go one night without, say, touch.)

(Touch? You'll have to be more specific than that. But, I'm listening.)

(I'll bet that you can't go one evening without touching anyone else.)

(Even you?)

(Yup. Even me. And your bet?)

Angelo rolled his eyes. (I've been at this game far longer than you Weasel, and I don't need to prove myself to anyone. I'll only go along with this because I'm bored and you have my interest, for the moment. Same bet. I bet that you can't go one evening without touching anyone else, including me.)

(I accept. Name the spoils for the victor.)

An evil, wide grin spread as Angelo slowly said (The loser loses all rights to touch until the winner says. The winner will do whatever they want with the loser. Agreed?')

(Agreed. Let the game begin.)

(Oh it has. Neither of us are to leave the Nocturne, and we are not to be out of sight of each other for any amount of time, so that there are no tricks. Only actions.)

(We have nearly all night left. If we can't be out of each other's sight, or leave the Nocturne, what the hell are we supposed to do, sit back and enjoy the view?)

(You're on your own there. Now, if you'll follow me, I need to go by my room.)

(What for?)

Angelo simply flashed his signature sexy smile as a taunt and began to go upstairs.

Damn him! He thinks I will lose quickly, that's the only reason he's humoring me in the first place. Well, I'm not going to give in to him. I was addicted to many things before I knew Angelo, and I have plenty of my own will power.

("Wea~sel, I'm almost out of your sight. Does this mean you give up?")

Hell no!

Weasel stopped short as he entered Angelo's room.

(You're cheating.)

(You said nothing in the rules about not touching clothes. So I am not cheating.)

(Losing your clothes is not going to make me lose!)

(The thought never crossed my mind, kaloz mou. I didn't lose anything, only changed.)

(Into - THAT?! But you know that outfit makes you even more damn irresistable.)

Angelo shrugged. (I felt like wearing leather tonight. It has nothing to do with our bet. If it catches you off guard that I've dressed a bit more appropriately for the Nocturne, since we're staying in, then that's your own fault. Besides, I'm hot from juicing, just like you are. Don't even try to deny the blood got you hot, because I can see your fangs from here.)

Fine. If Angelo wanted to tease, so could he.

(What are you doing?)

(Changing my clothes. Hmm, but this isn't my room. I can borrow from you or go without. I guess that depends on you, and where we plan to go.)

Angelo was once again two steps ahead. (That won't work love. I had been saving this for something special, but I suppose it will have to do.) He threw Weasel a black satin box tied with purple and crimson ribbons. (Consider it a late "birthday" present.)

Weasel didn't know whether he should open the box or stay the way he was, but something in Angelo's expression told him he was being serious. He gingerly held the box and pulled apart the ribbon, lifting the lid to look inside.

Black. Purple. Silver. The classiest thing he had ever seen. (My God, Angelo, where did you get this? I've never owned anything remotely as nice.)

(I'm glad you like it. I'd help you put together your ensemble, but I'm not allowed to touch you.) Angelo was starting to not like this arrangement one bit. He didn't give anyone gifts, ever. The alarms were going off in his head, that he was too close. Angelo, in love? If there's one thing Angelo hated, it was being controlled! I do what I want, when I want, and no one tells me otherwise. The only reason I agreed to play was my reward later.

Weasel was oblivious to Angelo's discomfort and kept pulling out pieces of his new outfit, pants, shirt, vest, jacket, tie, cufflinks that had silver plating and diamond studs, staring at each piece like it was the lost Treasure of Greece. Once the box was finally empty, he quickly scrambled out of his clothes and discarded them.

Angelo squirmed. A naked, wonton Weasel with eyes practically like those of a child, staring in awe at his gift. When this night is over, it all will be worth it. I'll make Weasel never want to bet again. I won't even have to do anything. He is my pigeon, after all.

Finally freed from the spell, Angelo watched as Weasel turned into a high-class gentleman. Surprisingly, Weasel managed to sort out what went where and put the entire ensemble on, even down to the Italian leather shoes. (Well, how do I look?)

Angelo feigned interest. (Like you're going to a costume party. At least you managed to fit into it well enough.) It fits him perfectly, shapely, sexy.. now I want to Rip. It. Off.

Weasel pouted. He was about to say something when he noticed a cloudy glaze over Angelo's eyes. This really was getting to him. Had Weasel been pushed too far, by denying Angelo touch? If he was going to lose him over a bet, he'd rather be Trulydead.

They sat in silence staring at anything but each other for a very long time. The tigers were rattling cages. Angelo's claws were tearing into his chair. I will not lose. I will not lose. The tiger has been caged far longer than this. This is nothing. I will--

(I'm sorry Angel Boy, I can't help myself.) Weasel leaned in and kissed Angelo tenderly, pulling him down to the floor. He nuzzled Angelo's neck, leaving a cold trail with his tongue as he approached Angelo's magic spot. Angelo groaned and Weasel bit just below his breastbone. How could I have ever had hoped to go a whole night with out this.. I love him too damn much, screw the stupid bet. Once Angelo had regained his senses he responded by ferociously pouncing and devouring Weasel's mouth. He couldn't hold his tiger any longer, and he didn't want to.

Angelo tore apart Weasel's new suit, kissing and biting flesh as it became exposed. He lowered himself, teasing and scratching, one nipple, then the other. Weasel moaned, as Angelo's teeth sank in and the Sharing began. It was only later when Weasel tried to reciprocate that Angelo remembered their bet, and roughly tied Weasel's wrists together. Satisfied it was a tough enough bond, he lifted Weasel up and placed him on his bed, pulled his wrists back and tied them to the center of the bed's headboard.

(No touch for you glike mou, until I say so. No more bets, deal?)

Weasel panted. (Deal. I'm so sorry Angel Boy, I didn't know this was torture for you.)

(Torture? No. Difficult, yes. And damn frustrating. You're almost as bad of a tease as me. Almost. Thankfully, I have a vibrant imagination that kept me.. distracted.) He scrambled out of his clothes quickly and then slowly climbed on top of Weasel.

Angelo began a long journey of Weasel's body, teasing and touching just shy of driving Weasel over the edge. Going from the extreme of brutal scratching to feather light caresses, Angelo fully enjoyed his right of touch. While he worked on the outside, he Pleasured Weasel on the inside, bringing him to a simmering boil. Weasel gasped and cried out for Angelo to take him, but Angelo paid no attention. He could feel Weasel's mounting waves of pleasure mixed with his own lust, desire, and need.

Weasel bucked against his restraints, threatening to break free and overtake Angelo, only to be pinned back down continually and kissed roughly. After what seemed like a lifetime to Weasel, Angelo finally approached and engulfed him in one swallow. Weasel didn't last very long, coming violently as Angelo continued his assault. He needed to touch Angelo, needed to give back all the ecstasy he'd felt, and silently pleaded with his eyes to a much satisfied dark-haired Angel. (Your torture is over.) He sliced Weasel's bonds and they turned into a tangle of limbs; their tigers finally free to ravish each other.
Later, as Weasel felt the familiar weight of his sleepy state, he smiled at Angelo and placed a heavy hand on Angelo's chest. (You never have to bet me again. Deal?)

(Deal. Now sleep, kaloz mou.)

Angelo grinned evily as he watched Weasel fall into a deep sleep. Don't think this gets you out of my prize. Tomorrow night we will hunt, feast, and you will let yourself enjoy it. The vache won't ever know what hit them.

* * *

Angelo grimaced. Ardoin always has him. Completely. And, since Angelo is what they call an early riser, Ardoin chose to use that ownership as soon as Angelo was awake. Stalking back to his room, he wanted to rip out the walls. The only thing stopping him was the thought that Weasel was still sound asleep.

Ardoin really pisses me off. He's always making me whatever he wants, anytime he wants. Now I've no patience for Weasel's martyr complex tonight, and I have Ardoin's job on top of it.

Well, who says I can't have a little fun being Ardoin's errand boy and Weasel's... educator. Tonight, he's going to get more than a taste of just what exactly being Sangsue and a Nightchild means. He smiled to himself. I did win that silly bet, after all.

(Wake up kaloz mou. It's time to play.) He gently stroked Weasel's neck and leaned in for a gentle kiss. Weasel's eyes fluttered open as he felt Angelo's lips descending on his own. (mmm… hmm?)

(Hello lover. All rested?)

(Mm. Do Sangsue ever dream Angelo?)

(We can, though our dreams are very different. Why do you ask?)

(At first I thought it was a memory. In my dream I was back to being a pet. And I hated it. I couldn't control myself, and I turned into a horrible monster. Right before you woke me, all I could hear was my own maniacal laughter. I killed everyone. Even my supposed friends.)

(It sounds like you may be repressing something. But I can fix that.)

(Can you?)

(Yes. But you have to trust me.)

(You know I do. What do you have in mind?) Weasel pulled Angelo close, searching his deep black eyes for an answer. Angelo stared back, spellbound by such an innocent expression on Weasel's face. He held his chin and leaned in for a long, tender kiss. Weasel melted into Angelo's embrace and reminded him just how much he already trusted Angelo. (If it's more of this, you won't hear any complaints from me.)

(My game, my rules. You did agree to the terms of last night's bet, or did you forget?)

Weasel frowned. That's right, that stupid bet I made. I still have to make it up to him. (Nope, let's go then. I trust you Angel Boy. I know when I'm with you it's going to be anything but boring.)

Oh Weasel love, you're not going to bore me, not tonight. You'll be too busy being what you are supposed to be, and I can't wait to unleash the real you. The game begins now.

They headed out of the Nocturne and once they were out of sight Angelo turned to face Weasel again. (Remember, it's my game. And tonight you're mine. Follow the bond to find me.) Before Weasel could ask where he was going, Angelo phased out

* * *

At first Weasel had no idea how to track Angelo, he'd never used the bond in that way before, but as Weasel continued to wander he started to feel a tug towards the City. He decided that this was Angelo had meant by following the bond and started off.

Only to find himself at the very spot he had first met Angelo, back when Angel Boy was nothing more than a pretty face with black curls and a cheap bottle of 'wine.'

(What kind of mind games are you playing Angel Boy?)

Angelo walked out from the shadow, but he wasn't alone. "Hello lover, we're just been invited to an exclusive party." He grinned and motioned for Weasel to join them.

"And the payoff is top-notch. Even if you're new around here, being a Pet for the night should give you all the money you need." You could tell he was an Owner, but someone of high class. Chocolate honey for hair and pretty enough to play with.

Weasel gave him another once-over and something in the back of his mind told him he'd met this one before. Why would Angelo want to come back here? Flin was gone, along with most of Weasel's close acquaintances, if you could call them that.

(What the fuck is he talking about Angelo? …you didn't. You can't be serious!)

Angelo ignored him completely. "Thank you. Why do you lead the way, my partner and I will be right behind you." They headed towards a block of hotels.

Weasel was fuming. (How the fuck is this going to help me?! Going back into the one place where I never wanted to set foot in again? Is this your idea of a sick joke Angelo?)

(You said that you trusted me. Time to prove it.) was his cryptic reply.

The Owner led them into the back room of what he called his Palace and left them to wait. "I'll be back shortly after I make some arrangements. Please, have something to drink. I promise I won't make you wait long."

Oh yeah. He had the hots for Angelo already. He had given Weasel a couple of glances as well. He dug through his memory for answers, and Angelo laughed softly. (Problems honeychild? If it's thirst, don't worry, we'll take care of that soon enough.)

(I don't want to be here Angelo, every fiber in my being is keyed up. I'm starting to feel like I'm back in my dream, and I don't like it!)

Angelo reached behind him and pulled Weasel close. (If I promise that we'll get to what you like soon, will that help the medicine go down easier?) Angelo nuzzled his neck, running his tongue along Weasel's jaw and then up to his ear. As usual, Angelo loved to cheat, but anything was better than thinking about that dream. (I suppose it might Angel Boy, but I want to get this over with.)

"Not thirsty?" The Owner lowered a tray of cocktails and set them on a glass table. "I see you couldn't wait to get started. I got your name, Angelo wasn't it? Now.. what was yours again?" He looked straight at Weasel, who replied without a second thought.

"I'm Weasel."

"Weasel? I think I remember a Pet being called Weasel before. I can't be certain though, as I only keep track of my own. Maybe someone else named you in hopes of continuing Weasel's legacy?"

Weasel couldn't help but laugh. Angelo gave him an affectionate squeeze.

"You could say that. Now are we done waiting, sweet thing?"

"Everything is set up for the party, and I've given the security orders to allow you both in. You'll be Pets for the V.I.P. room only, and after that you're free to go and do what, or whom, ever you wish."

Cocky bastard. Again this talk was pulling Weasel into his dream.

Before he had too much time to think on it, Angelo kissed him hard. Hard enough to draw blood. Weasel was so worked up already that he responded back equally, grinding into Angelo and pulling at his clothes. Angelo started to lavish Weasel's body in kisses, gently peeling off the top layers of clothing as the Owner looked on.

Wait, Angelo doesn't like having an audience. (What's your game now Angelo?)

(Mm-mm.. I could just take you now.. but that would spoil things.) Angelo lifted his head and beckoned to the Owner. "Are you just going to watch or were you planning to join us? Or do I have to ask nicely?"

The Owner was dumfounded. At first Weasel thought it was because of the usual lust, but then he noticed Angelo had gotten a lot farther than the normal part of the game. Lovebites. All over.

"You're… you're masochists? What are you guys, some sort of freaks? Like wannabe Vampires? I thought most of those kind of Pets weren't around anymore." Angelo smiled sweetly at the Owner and flashed a wicked grin at Weasel.

"As I told you before, we're not the usual Pet. But if you come over here, we can show you just how good we can make you feel. I promise it won't hurt." (But we will bite.)

Weasel had to admit, he was attracted to the Owner. "We never did get your name." Angelo made his way over to the Owner as Weasel rose, adjusting his dishelved clothing. (Don't bother, we'll get back to that in just a minute lover.)

"How terribly rude of me. I'm Kofi. It's a pleasure to meet you." He bowed formally to both of them and Weasel froze, staring intently at him. It was very familiar, that name, and so was he. Kofi. I've heard that name before. It's his eyes, the way he talks, and now that name. Weasel searched his memories, staring off into space for several moments before Angelo prodded him gently. "Weasel?"

He broke out of his trance and spoke in a low, sexy voice. "You don't happen to have a brother do you Kofi? It feels like we've met before. I don't usually forget a face, though especially one so handsome as yours. Or have I met your evil twin?"

Angelo raised an eyebrow, it wasn't like Weasel to turn on the charm, unless he really wanted an answer. Plus he was starting to remind him far too much of Ardoin.

Angelo paused. Then it hit him, just as Kofi said what Angelo hadn't known.

"Actually I did have a brother, but he passed away. His name was Flin."

* * *

Fuck. That hadn't been in Angelo's plan, and he had to think fast. Weasel had frozen again, and Kofi gave questioning looks to Angelo. "Is your friend always like this?"

(Get him out of here. NOW.) It wasn't a request.

Angelo glared at Weasel. (I do not take orders from you.)

(You knew this! You kept this from me? THIS is your brilliant cure?)

(I did NOT know this and you had better not argue with me.)

(Get. Him. Out. Of. Here.) Weasel was clenching his fists, staring down at the ground. His blood was boiling. Angelo had two choices. First, he could follow Weasel's order and leave him to cool off. However, he opted for the second: bait.

Before Kofi could see any movement, Angelo was behind him, he bit down hard and fast and drew just enough blood for Kofi to pass out. Kofi fell limp in Angelo's arms as he lowered him to the ground and turned to face Weasel, licking his lips clean.

(Is this creature bothering you? An innocent human who happened to be related to the one person who made your 'legacy,' if you can call it that, an Emerald Dust hell?) Weasel winced. (Was he in your dream honeychild? I can tell you this, he's full of spice right now. Confusion. Panic. Your glare nearly scared him into a heart attack.)

Weasel said nothing and stared through Angelo. The bond opened up and Angelo steadied himself as the torrent of emotions that Weasel was feeling hit: hurt, hunger, panic, anger, rage, hatred, but through all of that Angelo clearly felt his arousal. In a twisted way, Weasel was attracted to Kofi because he reminded him of Flin. Interesting.

(You wanted to conquer your demons from your past, well here's your chance. I took care of Flin before, so you can have his brother. We'll Share if you want.)

Weasel was practically begging Angelo. (Please, please Angelo, just take him outside.)

(You can't hide anymore, if you don't like it, leave. I'm tired of watching you go through this. Night after night you deny yourself until the tiger takes control, then you put yourself through self-torture afterwards. You said you trusted me. Well trust me when I say that you, matya mou, are Sangsue. A NightChild. Blood is your sustenance and you would be better off accepting it.)

(I DO accept it.)

(No, you don't. If you did, you would have taken this vache by now. You're starving.)

(I can't. It's not Flin, but - I can't believe this was your idea of curing me!)

Angelo sniffed. (It wasn't. For my part, I had no idea that this was Flin's brother, let alone that he even had one. But I don't believe in coincidences; he was here for you.)

(You mean this fucker knows who I am?)

(Apparently not. His reaction was too slow. But since we already have the invitation to get in, which is what we needed in the first place, it doesn't matter. He's all yours.)

Angelo wrapped Weasel in a warm embrace and smoothed his hair. He wasn't about to let this opportunity go to waste, and before he could say anything else, Angelo kissed Weasel hungrily. He'd worked his magic long enough for the tiger to break free.

* * *

The next few moments were a blur. Weasel Shadowdanced over to the sleeping form of Kofi and Angelo nudged him awake. "Not much in the mood to party tonight?"

"..par..ty? Hmm? Ah, what am I doing on the floor, I.. aah!" Kofi was stunned.

"Mm. You like that?" Angelo smiled sweetly at Kofi's confusion.

"How, how, I, ah, I don't understand? Can't remember?"

"Shh.. relax. Let us take care of you."

Weasel nuzzled Kofi's neck and Angelo started to peel away Kofi's clothes. They pleasured him together, licking and biting at his skin. Kofi reached a boiling point just as Weasel did, and he tore into Kofi's neck. He sucked and pulled at the wound, drawing out blood as Kofi screamed, both in climax and in terror. Angelo quickly joined Weasel and sank his fangs into Kofi's thigh as the two Sangsue rode tidalwaves of ecstasy. After a few minutes Kofi went slack in their arms. Weasel took the flesh from his neck and ate hungrily, before moving to another spot and biting, sucking, tearing. His tiger fully in control, Weasel picked apart Kofi like a wild animal.

Having had his fill, Angelo sat back and watched his lover devour what remained of Kofi, before deciding that Weasel too had had enough.

(That's enough lover, anymore and you'll Shift, which is damn tempting but I have a job to do, and I'd rather spend the time I have with you in this form.)

Weasel lifted his neck and growled. He pounced Angelo, sending them both to the floor as Weasel gave him a bruising kiss.

Before long they were both heavily breathing and tearing at the clothes they had somehow managed to keep on this long. Angelo flipped Weasel and pinned him. He sank his fangs into Weasel's throat and entered without any warning, pounding Weasel into the floor. Weasel bit into Angelo's neck as they came together violently. After a few minutes, Weasel flipped Angelo and they started again. It looked like Ardoin's job would have to wait for a while.

* * *