Consider this your handy dandy cribsheet to the Black Widower Universe, complete with character profiles, timelines,  pics (if I have them) and everything I can think of to get you well acquainted with the Black Widower universe. I'll have a link to some of the things I have already, like the thesaurus and hopefully, everything together will be like a Black Widower companion guide.

First, let's begin with the universe itself:






Non Humans


Nightchildren and Stalkers

The Nocturne

The Underground

Except for Epiphania - which takes place in Tarpon Springs, Florida circa 1980 - and Eve - which takes place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada circa 1970 - all of the stories in the Black Widower universe take place in or in the suburbs near Sargot City, an area that used to be known as Massachussets.

The timeline of each story is as follows:

Black Widower - 2020

Stalemate and Submission - 2000

Pretty as a Picture - 2020 (six months into Weasel's Change)

Special Delivery - 2020 (six months into Weasel's Change)

All the other sidefics and lemony one shots take place in 2021 - nearly a year after Weasel's Change.

Sargot City came into existance circa July 4, 1999, after Thoren Sargot gathered all of the people with psionic abilities who had been in hiding up until then and staged a major coup against the United States government. The World Association of Superior Persons  became the new govenment and the United States ceased to exist. All adult Homo Sapien - or Sap - males were slaughtered and all Sap females under the age of 25 were made into Pets and slaves. The remaining Saps were sent to Workcamps. Homo Superior - or Supes - became the rulers and every former state became a Province with districts and quarters instead of streets and boulevard. Within a generation, the only Saps left were the ones born to Supe parents. It was not known whether they were Supe or Sap until the child hit puberty. If they were Supe, their only concern was their caste, based upon their power. If they were Sap, they were either sold to a Workcamp to be trained as a slave or to a Keeper to become their Pet until they were too old for their bodies to be enjoyed in that manner.

Besides Supes and Saps, there was another class of people. People who were above average in speed, strength, or had abilities a Supe would have or, even more dangerous, would not have; yet they were not Supes. They were known as Mutants and were supposed to be destroyed as the vermin they were. A hate group, known as the
Believers of Truth, believed Mutants were actually unnatural devil spawn and their aim was to kill them all.

All parents were supposed to immediately turn over their pubescent Sap or Mutant children to the World Association of Superior Persons and WASP would decide what would be done with them. However, there were those parents who couldn't bear the thought of turning their precious spawn in to an uncertain and precarious future. They refused to get the required microchips that would show that the child was either a Supe, Sap or Mutant and instead, let their progeny run free as Ghosts, with no way for them to be tracked.

Or so they thought.

Since Ghosts were impossible to track without the microchip, a drug was created that was made of microscopic microchips: Emerald Dust. Instantly addictive and it enabled WASP to keep track of them.

But there was another race. A race who had lived alongside of Homo Sapiens for centuries. They were the Efjeli, the people of the night. They spawned the old wives tales of vampires and werewolves. Blood drinking, flesh eating  Shapeshifters who were stronger, faster, had preternaturally keen senses and psychic abilities. The Ejfeli split into two different factions long ago because one clan, Clan Ionescu wanted to live apart from Man, their prey and the other Clans wanted to continue to live among the humans, believed they had more to offer than just a food source. Those Clans began to breed with humans, diluting the bloodline. Clan Ionescu, on the other hand, only inbred, so their bloodline was pure.

Over the centuries, the Efjeli evolved into the two subraces that exist now. Sangsue, the blood drinkers who were psychically powerful and Odogi, the Shifter flesh eaters who were physically powerful. The Sangsue were comprised of the Clans who bred with Man but the Odogi were only Clan Ionescu, who considered breeding with vache - the cattle known as humans - to be an abomination.

Sangsue had two puberties. One was the same as human puberty, although it was much earlier than theirs and they were sexually mature as well. The second puberty was known as Maturity and was usually began between the ages of fifteen and seventeen. Their stomachs shut down and cells in their bloodstream began to consume themselves. They became unable to consume anything but blood.

Odogi didn't go through the changes of Maturity because their bodies remained the same. They had the ability to Shapeshift from early childhood. They also had the need for human flesh that had proteins and other sustenance Odogi sickened without.

As a result of the dilution of the bloodlines,  Sangsue tended to be Sleepers - people with the Sangsue bloodline but who never went through Maturity or  whose Maturity went horribly wrong. If the Maturity didn't go right, the poor Sangsue had the cravings but not the proteins necessary to break the blood down and digest it. They could only drink so much before getting sick and vomitting -- only to get hungry and repeat the cycle. Those who didn't go through Maturity because their bloodline was too diluted often got classified as Mutants because they tended to have the speed, strength and empathy Sangsue had.

However, there was an altered version of the bloodrinking Sangsue. An altered version of humans as well. A version that was not alive, but not dead. The humans who were Changed into this undead state became Stalkers. Sangsue were Changed into Nightchildren who, as in life, had more power psychically and physically than the Stalkers did. Not all were successfully Changed however. Those Sangsue with who the Change didn't take and had their soul die before their bodies did became soulless corpses or Walkers. They all call themselves "juicers," all drinkers of "juice," their word for blood.

All of the juicers were under the control of the master, Ardoin Baptiste, who also owned the Nocturne.

The Nocturne was a club where there was dancing and drinking. However, it was best known for the pretty boys and girls who often frequented the club.  It was also rumored to be the headquarters of the Underground, a subversive organization dedicated to the overthrowing of the WASP government.

On the upper floors of the Nocturne were where the Nightchildren and Ardoin slept. On the ground floor of the Nocturne was the Playground; a hidden oasis where the drinks were almost always mixed with blood , the sex was plenty and the juicers could be themselves and not have to pretend to be human. Humans were only allowed there by special invitation and the only way to the Playground was to either phase out and turn to mist so they could pass through the ceilings and floors or to fly down because the stairs vanished. It made a good deterent. The best part about the Playground was the Playrooms, where a juicer could bring their lover and enjoy themselves in private.

The Underground served several purposes.
  It was Sanctuary for the oppressed and helpless. It was also a safe harbor for Mutants and other humans and nonhumans who had to hide themselves from persecution. Especially for those of their own blood who they targeted their pirate broadcast towards. However, the main purpose of the Underground was a ongoing and healthy food supply. This way, if sickness befell the human population, Ardoin's brood would never starve. For that reason, there were specific qualifications for becoming a member of the Underground. No drugs. A healthy lifestyle. And no prediposition to any diseases.

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