All About Janette

Origin of Name:  When I first posted on the web in 1997, most people were using names of anime characters. I'm a big fan of Forever Knight so I decided to use Janette and it's stuck ever since.

Age: Old enough.

Place of Origin: Lonnnng Guyland but I've lived between Maryland and Washington, DC since 1988.

Favorite things: chocolate, music, tech toys and gadgets, my cats and languages

Pet Peeves: Phonies, judgemental people and hypocrisy. Shallowness rates pretty highly too.

Favorite TV shows at the moment: Law and Orders CSI and SVU,  Torchwood, Scrubs

Fastest way into Janette's heart: give her chocolate and/or baked goods, draw fan art, write fan fic.

Fastest way to piss Janette off: saying that her boys and girls are just like Anne Rice's and/or Laurel K. Hamilton's.

If you're a writer and you want to chat with me, let me know about your work! I've made some really nice friends that way. Talking about myself the whole time is nice and all but it gets old after a while. I'm always looking for other writers to bounce ideas off of and if you'd want me to, I'd love to do the same for  you.

AIM: blackwidower

Please understand that my muses are fickle bitches who tend to produce when there is feedback but real life does get in the way sometimes. I work full time and unfortunately, as much as I would like otherwise, that has to come first.

page updated 04/28/07